Time to think about Twitter

As today marks my 4.000th tweet, I wanted to write a post about twitter itself. To be more precise, I just want to rant a bit about some practices that I notice every day in my twitter feed. And yes, VRT, I’m talking about you.

  • There are only 140 characters, don’t copy paste titles that are meaningless or God forbid, too long. I’m not going to click on your link if I don’t know what’s it about.
  • Don’t post everything at once, stop cluttering up my feed. I know that not only news organizations do this, but people too. I know that when I have some spare time and I go through my lists, I want to start retweeting stuff too. But well, don’t tweet everything the same minute. Use a client where you can schedule tweets. (I don’t know why this isn’t standard / more included on desktop clients)
  • Don’t use automatic posting. This goes hand in hand with the previous ones, if you let automatic services post for you, you will break the previous two rules, meaning that everything will get posted at once (for instance, after the news) and the titles will be even worse. Besides, it looks unprofessional if you have something say, ‘I have posted a new article:…’
  • Do use hashtags, they can help your message reach more people, just don’t go overboard with them.
  • Know what you’re using. It’s a social network, it get’s retweeted, or at least one can only hope, so check your spelling.
  • Interact with people. Social, remember. But don’t, please, don’t retweet all your conversations with people, they’re no good to me.
  • Twitter isn’t the holy grail. Post, please do, don’t leave your account inactive, but don’t use twitter as a replacement for polling. That goes for Facebook too. Not everything on there is public so even if you do scientific studies, they won’t be accurate.

Just a couple of quick things that have been bugging me, there are probably more but let’s not waste this beautiful day. There, I’ve said it, on to the next 4.000 tweets.