Project Vancouver 2010

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If you know me in any sort of real life way, you should know that in 2009-2010 I spend an amazing year at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. During that time I regularly, or not so regularly, wrote stories about Vancouver life on my blog.

Unfortunately, after coming home and going on with my life, I may have forgotten about the blog. Not only that, because the account was linked to my student account, it was closed down upon graduating, leaving me empty handed. Until Now.

I always knew it was stupid of me not to have a backup, but I simply didn’t think about the site in those first months after coming home, and after that, well, I always thought I would never recover my old blog and that was the end of it.

But last month I stopped being sad about not having the blog anymore and did something about it. And lo and behold, one short email to the server admins and there it was, a database dump from two years ago. God knows why they kept it, but I’m not asking questions. I’m just glad it exists.

As such, after some fiddling with old wordpress installations, I managed to retrieve the old posts and import them here.

So without further ado, if you surf to roelmoeurs.be/vancouver2010, or just click the vancouver2010 category in the sidebar, you’ll be able to see and read all of the blog posts from two years ago.

Now, it seems that facebook has changed something in the past two years so the permalinks to my photo’s aren’t available anymore. If I have some time, I might look into it, and maybe restore the old vancouver2010 theme for those old posts, but barring those developments, the posts itself are online.