It’s November 10 and we’re ready to call Florida

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It’s been three days since a record number of people went to the polls in the U.S. and we can finally say that all of the states have finally been called and allocated to one candidate or the other. The result, President Obama has been re-elected.

Of course you all knew that, but Florida, the Sunshine State where so many seniors go and meet their sunsets, did what it always did, screw up on election day, and it took until today for CNN and the other networks to officially call the state for the President.

Let’s see what else we can take away from Tuesday’s elections.

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Review: The Political Machine

With one week to go in this election cycle, with no more debates, polls hardly moving outside the margin of error and tropical storms forcing candidates to revisit campaign strategies, what is a political junkie to do? With The Political Machine 2012 you can live the dream and run for president yourself. So start begging for money and taping those attack adds, you’re going to need them.

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The final debate: Romney brings peace and foreign aid to Middle East

It may surprise you and even annoy you, but the campaign for 2012 which started somewhere in 2007 is still going on, at least for another two weeks. To help out all those undecided voters across the country make their final choice, Governor Romney and President Obama duked it out one last time in the fourth and final debate of this campaign. All that’s left now is to, you know, run attack adds in swing states and line up lawyers for November 6.

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Evasions, interruptions and fact-checking dominate third debate

As everyone was gearing up for the third debate of this election season, and the second between Obama and Romney, the goals were clear. Obama had to come out fighting, defend his record and call out Romney. The governor on the other hand, who saw his poling numbers rise after the first debate, could really use another win to further close the gap between him and the president.

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Second debate serves up rehashed republican talking points

Another week, another debate. This time Vice President Joe Biden, and Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan got a chance to battle it out.

With Biden’s track record and certainly after last week’s less than stellar performance by President Obama, one would have expected to see more fire in this debate. And certainly, fire is what we got.

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